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Tom's 300ZX Page

On Site Pages

My Other Z Pages

  • 300ZX Search Extensions — Extensions for searching the Message Board and the Inventory of for Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.
  • Members Maps — member hometown locations on maps
  • North East z31s — Group of my fellow z31 owners from the North East US

Z Links


  • — Great message board, lots of knowledgeable people, first stop for any information about the first generation 300ZX

z31 Technical Information

  • 300ZX Vacuum Lines — Diagrams of under hood vacuum lines.
  • inqui-Z-tor's Wheelshow — Pictures of tons of wheels on z31s for your viewing pleasure, arranged by size
  • — G-E's z31 technical infrormation repository. Good information on injector swapping, computer modding, and other oft requested, and never archived information that passes through the board


  • 300ZX Restoration Page — Radare's complete 300ZX restoration page. Especially good as guide for body work and paint sections.
  • AZ-ZBum's Webpage — Some good how-to's, an index for's microfiche, pictures of Bum's nice AE, and the US z31 Registry
  • Chris' Tutorials: Fiberglass — Very well illustrated step by step guide to the creation of fiberglass subwoofer and speaker enclosures
  • Red — Jason's page, including lots of good information about modifying pretty much anything that can be modified on the car, to the point of ridiculous power (fuel system, suspension, computer, everything)
  • the-big-one The Big One's site, lots of pictures and writeups

Specialty Parts

  • Gary Molitor — Several z31 parts including reproduction MFP 200ZR hoodscoops, fiberglass & carbon fiber SS and TBO front lips, and polyurethane rear spring seats

Z Car Parts Retailers

  • — Online retailer for genuine Nissan parts. Carries about every part; most in stock.
  • Motorsport Auto — Leading retailer of Z car parts in the US. Carries (and is the reason that it is made) the Prothane Master Bushing Kit for the z31 (polyurethane bushings).
  • The Specialty Shop — Small performance shop operated by Dan and Mary in New York state. Friendly prices for z31 parts. Stock a couple of parts that nobody else produces, including solid rear crossmember and differential mounts.
My 300ZX Pictures Videos Index & Links Map
Service & Upgrades Cosmetic & Random Electronics & Computer Northeast z31s