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In the works... fiberglass subwoofer enclosure.

Stuff that's Done

Car Computer  

I put together a car computer system for GPS navigation, vehicle dynamics, and mobile networking. Here's the info.


Head Unit, Speakers, and Subwoofers  

When my Z still lived with its previous owner, it was broken into and the stereo was stolen. Bastards also tore the driver's window seal... but that's another story. The frame that surrounds the radio and climate controls was completely mangled. I found another one on eBay, and picked up the block off plate and wiring harness from Best Buy's installation bay.

When going to wire up the new door and rear speakers, I came across the sad fact that the 300ZX has a common ground speaker system, which most modern audio equipment doesn't like too much. It can prevent the front/rear or left/right faders from working properly, and at worst, cause problems with current transfer (shorts) in your amplifier circuitry. On the other hand, some people have said that they have not had any problems with the stock wiring. So who knows. I decided to rewire it all, so that I would not have to worry about it later down the road.

It is a pretty big pain in the butt to do the front speaker wiring, because you have to take it through the "S" shaped rubber tubing between the door frame and door. I got through that part by feeding the wire through with a long pair of forceps. The rears are pretty easy; just undo the panels and it won't be a problem. At the time that I was doing the rest of my wiring, I ran the wiring that I would need for a subwoofer box in the back of the hatch. This was a power lead which I tapped into the main 12v bus at the fusebox and fused with a blade type automotive fuse; a sheilded set of RCA cables to carry the signal from the head unit's preouts; and a smaller gauge wire for the amplifier remote power signal.

6.5" speakers are a direct replacement for the stock units. It is my opinion that though the 6.5"s can sound pretty good, they will definitely require the use of subwoofers for realistic musical reproduction; they just can't handle the low end.

My old subwoofer box included a pair of 10" Kenwood subs and a 500w amp. The box was orignially a full range setup, but I have disconnected the other speakers and the crossover network inside the box. The crossover function is handled by the amp. I am working on a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure, and that will use a single 12" sub. I am making the change to a single 12 from dual 10s for a little better low end reproduction, and I don't need the huge power of two subs in the small space inside the Z. The subs are leftover form my last car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, where they were in the trunk, and had to project through the rear seats to be heard. I sold this box, amp and subs to a friend of mine.

The headunit is a Kenwood MPV-7019 MP3 receiver. It handles 50w per channel (four). It has an OEL display and can do 63 different colors for the background. I picked an orange-yellow that pretty much matches the stock lighting. The keys can light up red or green, so I set them to red, and they match also. The speakers are Pioneer TS-A1680R 4-ways.

Head unit during the day The Kenwood head unit at night
Pioneer 4-ways Old Kenwood Box
My 300ZX Pictures Videos Index & Links Map
Service & Upgrades Cosmetic & Random Electronics & Computer Northeast z31s