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Cosmetic and Random Stuff

Mar. 16, 06 — HID Headlight Installation $200

Found a set of drop in 9004 replacement HID headlights on eBay for about $200. They offer an amazing improvement in night visibility. Installation is a piece of cake.

Apr. 20, 05 — Carbon Fiber Plenum Cover  

Picked up a Carbon Fiber plenum cover... right now it's just inspiration to get my ass installing that turbo that is sitting on my floor. In all likelihood, I think this will stay as a part of my Z stuff collection, and not be mounted on the car.

Mar. 20, 05 — Mounting LCD Screen $15

Fabbed up the mounting brackets that I needed to secure my LCD screen (for the computer) to the dash. Mount Fabrication.

Mar. 12, 05 — A-Pillar Gauges Installation $253.47

Needed to relocate the Voltmeter and Oil Pressure gauges. Went with AutoMeter SportComp gauges in a LoTek 3 pod pillar. Installation.

Feb. 18, 05 — Fiberglass LCD Screen Shroud $75

Needed to make something to mount my LCD screen's bezel into. The best location for this, I thought was on the middle of the dash, so I made a bezel out of fiberglass. Fabrication.

Feb. 7, 05 — New Fog Lights $29.99

I was getting pretty tired of not being able to see the sides of the road clearly in the rain, so I bought a new set of fog lights at PepBoys. I wasn't expecting much, but they turned out pretty well. Installation.

Oct. 2, 04 — Painted the Wheels  

The wheels had all sorts of corrosion even after I stripped off the crappy old clearcoat. So I sanded them all down and painted them with Duplicolor Wheel Paint. I think that they look much better, check out the process here.

May 8, 04 — Reupholstered Headliner  
The headliner had been falling down behind the T-Tops from the wind, so it was time to redo the cover. Followed ZBum's instructions from here, and it turned out pretty good. I used some black fabric from the Rag Shop.
Feb. 27, 04 — Silverstar Headlight Installation $47.68

One of the headlights burned out, so I replaced it with Sylvania Silverstar headlights. These are a bit whiter than regular halogen bulbs because they have some xenon gas, but are nowhere near the stupid looking smurf blue headlights that you find in Civics. I would say that they are better at night and in the rain especially than the old bulbs.

I also got a set for the fog lights. I took the old dealer bulbs and modified their wiring harnesses into adapters for regular bulbs. Now I just need to find out where the problem is with the fog light power and clean the rust out of the lenses from the old broken bulbs.

MSA Center Console  

The MSA center console is a lot better than the stock one that it replaces, in my opinion. First, it's got a pair of cup holders, which are convenient to say the least. Also, the leather looks a lot nicer than the old cracked vinyl, and goes better with the steering wheel and shift boot. Available from MSA, but I got mine from another guy on who had wrecked his Z (I forget who, I lost all of my emails a couple months ago).

It looked nice right away when I got it, but it did not work as well as it could. The original hinge was just a single pivot piece, and because of this arrangement and the proximity of the passenger seat, the lid was prevented from opening fully or being propped open, as you are constantly forcing it into the passenger seat. I replaced the original hinge with one that I fashioned out of some strip hinge material that I cut to size and riveted into a Z hinge. With this, the hinge side of the console lid moves towards the center as it opens, which allows enough room for the lid to be opened all the way to vertical and left open.

New vs. Old   Replacement hinge
Video of improved operation
Repainted Intake Collector Cover  

The paint on the collector cover had chipped away in many areas, and the exposed aluminum was corroded. I stripped the old paint off and cleaned the aluminum, then repainted it with some high temperature Krylon enamel. Once that was dry, I sanded off the raised areas and polished them.

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Service & Upgrades Cosmetic & Random Electronics & Computer Northeast z31s